With Apologies To Robert L. May

You know Browning and Mullens, DeVito and Flacco

Easton Stick, Aidan O’ Connell and (yecch) Zach-O

But Steelers fans, do you recall?

The best QB backup of all…

Rudolph The Red-Hot Savior

Has a damn effective arm

Bengals fans who just saw him

Saw that it would do them harm

All of the other QBs

Had Steelers fans call them names (you especially, Mitch Trubisky)

They never let poor Rudolph

Start in any recent games

Then one day ‘fore Christmas Eve,

Tomlin came to say,

Rudolph, with your upside bright,

Won’t you guide our team tonight?

And look what happened, per CBS Sports’ Bryan DeArdo

Then how the towel-wavers loved him

As they shouted out with glee

Rudolph The Red-Hot Savior

You’ll Go Down In History!

(And if you don’t think there weren’t more than a few celebrants indulging in an Iron City or two with noses that look just like this cute little guy’s at watering holes near the Confluence after this performance, exactly 51 years to the day after the Immaculate Reception…)




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