Still The Man Named Brady

(with apologies to the family of Sherwood Schwartz)…

Here’s the story

He just lost his lady

And he quarterbacked a team thats five and six

With three minutes left he needed ten points

They were in quite a fix

But this story’s

Of a man named Brady

Who was busy with playbooks of his own

He had done this and more up in New England

But here–he’s all alone

Till then somehow he connected with Cade Otton

Then a third-and-six to Rachaad was his hunch

Yes, again, he somehow willed a victory

That’s the way the Buccaneers played Brady’s hunch

Tom Brady’s Hunch

Won In The Crunch

Tampa Bay’s Still In First

They Ate Saints’ Lunch!!!

To My Tampa and Florida Friends:

What I won’t give to see you all in January…


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