It’s Getting Much, Much Harder To Like The Jets

So Aaron Rodgers’ still making news, even after he gave up any chance of a comeback this season when the Jets crashed and burned enough to deny him any respectable reason to do so.  Thanks to the pulpit he enjoys from his friend Pat McAfee, one that ESPN has recently expanded to include old-fashioned linear televison since he utilized it to record levels last summer to announce he was becoming the QB of the NYJ, he was able to weigh in with a few choice digs against a celebrity he’s not all that keen on:

Needless to say, Kimmel’s not all that thrilled with Aaron these days.  This was his X-eet response to Aaron’s chiding:

One can’t help but feel something for Kimmel, who as a Brooklyn native and Mets lover was essentially genetically conditioned to love the Jets, who shared Shea Stadium with his favorite baseball team.  But the potential smoking gun that the possible release of Jeffrey Epstein’s little black book has the world of celebrity entitlement on edge.  It’s certainly given TMZ some fodder to work with.  This was the picture that painted a thousand words that accompanied their story on the clip and response below:

Yet amidst all this, the 6-10 Jets, the same genuises who let Joe Flacco lay on his couch in New Jersey all fall, the same braintrust who are bringing 17-33 Robert Saleh as coach and 26-56 Joe Douglas as General Manager, are committed to turning the team’s on-field leadership to who will be a 41-year-old with all of four plays to his credit in 2023.

The same soon-to-be 41-year-old who openly questioned the values of vaccines, and cost his previous team a crucial win the season before in a year where their playoff hopes sorely needed them.

Who has the undying support of a owner who is clearly infatuated with his name and prowess.

The same owner who spent several prior years in a side hustle as U.S. ambassador to the UK, at the behest of a certain friend who has some interests in New Jersey athletics of his own:

Who isn’t all that much of a fan of Jimmy Kimmel, either.

Perhaps it’s because Woody’s friend might have been denied someone he had his eye on for a Johnson and Johnson injection of his own by someone far better looking and who actually HAS lost his baby fat over the years?

In the earlier part of yesterday’s McAfee interview, on a lighter note, Rodgers threw out his own conspiracy theory about the colors of recent Super Bowl logos telegraphing the eventual participants, and took special note that the Super Bowl 58 colors for next month’s tilt in Las Vegas just happen to be red and purple, the dominant colors of the respective conference champion 49ers and Ravens.  Rodgers expressed sincere hope than the Super Bowl 59 logo would be green.

Perhaps he thinks the Eagles will be playing in the 2025 game.

Because from this vantage point, given the strange bedfellow experiences of his owner/enabler and he, it’s more and more obvious that the J-E-T-S may be more M-A-G-A than we’ve realized.

In which case, Jets fans, you may want to root for the SB59 logo to be red.

Like your faces should be with anger at who’s in charge of your team.

Because with this sort of leadership, your chances of going to that game are right up there with Epstein providing any of y’all with a viable explanation.




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