In A Healthy Power Couple, Both Parties Step Up

I’ve known plenty of so-called power couples, and many I’ve come to embrace as friends have had some of the happiest partnerships of any I’ve ever come across.  The ones that I’ve observed are the most successful are the ones where each member is accomplished, successful and productive, particularly at crucial times in their career.  In media, I’ve seen it more often than I’ve seen it in sports.

Sure, there have been plenty of combinations of celebrity and athlete over the years.  Most that I can think of at the moment haven’t necessarily gone well–perhaps it was because of the magnitude of success one had over the other, thereby setting an almost insurmountable bar.  Kim and Khloe Kardashian, at least in their own sordid worlds, are Hall of Famers.  Kris Humphries and Lamar Odom, not so much.

And sometimes truly energetic pairings produce sad and even tragic results.  Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio?  To spend eternity with the love he lost decades earlier when he prematurely said “Goodbye, Norma Jean”.

That’s perhaps the level of talent on both sides of the aisle that we have in Traylor, THE Power Couple of our times.  It’s a Sunday night on CBS, which these days tends to mean a Taylor Swift sighting.  Two weeks ago, it was a Golden Globes appearance that appears in hindsight to be one of the bigger reasons why more than twice the audience that watched the Emmys tuned in for its once inferior progenitor.   In two weeks, she’ll have more than her fair share of attention at the Grammys.

And even when she has graced the network’s airwaves lately as a mere spectator for her beau (not wife, Tony Romo) Travis Kelce, she’s had better days and more impact on many games than Kelce did.  At age 34, with a lot of mileage on him, his season prior to last night’s Divisional round playoff game in Buffalo was decent, but not Hall of Fame-level.  But it IS the playoffs, and as Kansas City Chiefs fans know all too well, it’s a different breed of Kelce that shows up when the most is at stake.

As FOX 4 Kansas City’s Jared Bush reported:

The numbers continue to pile up for one of the greatest duos in NFL history.

Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce set the record for most touchdowns for a duo in NFL postseason history with 16, passing Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski.  The two achieved the new milestone in the third quarter of their Divisional Round game against the Buffalo Bills, on a Mahomes three-yard TD pass to Kelce.

Kelce has playoff franchise records and NFL records for postseason receiving yards and postseason receiving touchdowns by a tight end.

Each of those marks also ranks second in NFL history among all pass catchers.

Kelce is now chasing only PFHOF WR Jerry Rice with 2,245 receiving yards on 151 catches and 22 receiving touchdowns for the top spot in each of those postseason categories.

It sure got noticed by Swift, now anointed by CBS’ Jim Nantz as the NFL’s “Most Valuable Princess”.  And it even got his brother, now a mere spectator of these playoffs himself, to celebrate in a way that even Taylor couldn’t bring herself to do, much to the chagrin of almost every Swiftie above the age of consent.

But it’s minimal compared to the level of chagrin that befell Buffalo Bills fans last night.  Those touchdowns were crucial to the Chiefs’ ability to emerge with a 27-24 win, which sends Mahomes to his sixth consecutive AFC championship game.

For the Bills, it now has given them a second five-year spell (2019-2023 now joining 1988-1992) where the team won an average of 11.6 games per year, had zero Super Bowl wins to show for any of those efforts and each time had a potential comeback snuffed away by a field goal that went wide right.

My Buffalo friends have always tended toward a preference for country rock.  I have a hunch that’s even truer today.

Even the power couples that schlepped hundreds of miles for the experience of living and dying for their beloved but frustrating team.  That duo’s pretty wonderful peeps.  But no one anywhere, in any field, in any era, can come close to where Traylor is right now, especially after the male half kept up his end of the bargain.

Haters gonna hate, right?


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