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It’s a slow-ish day in sports, even yours truly can only write so much.  Lately, you may have noticed that I’ve been writing an awful lot.  To some of you, that may be seen as a “personal blog”.  Alleged experts have insisted that in the sports website space, that’s effectively a kiss of death.

This site is about to be entering its third year of existence, so I guess in some ways we’ve sort of defied some of those beliefs if through no other effort than sheer stubborness.  We sure don’t have the overhead and appetite the way some folks who had a lot more to waste did–isn’t that right, Jimmy Finkelstein?–and I can categorically assure you, unlike, say, the braintrust at Authentic Brands and Arena Sports that every single article that has appeared under this logo has been written by an actual, breathing, human being.

But some of those human beings, as has been a consistent and increasingly polarizing behind-the-scenes topic, have rent to pay and scant little help from anyone else.  Some consider themselves far more interested in focusing on teams and sports they have a pre-existing dedication to.  That’s all well and good, we know fandom drives readership.  But when the sources of those passions are consistently mediocre at best, that kind of depresses engagement.

Plus, we also know that there are certain areas of sports that have fan bases that are more likely to read, perhaps even subscribe.  Contact sports, MMA, e-sports and wrestling, to name a few.  Sports wagering is also kinda big, too, and getting much bigger.  But for reasons that I don’t need to expound upon, let’s just say it’s not a good idea for this site’s existing contributors to be more engaged with them than we already are.

So we’re asking for some help to get us to a level that we would all like to be at–one of consistency, greater breadth, increased traction and indeed, respectability.  Possibly even generate a few pennies for all involved.  G-d willing, dollars.

Hence, if you click on this link, you’ll be telescoped into a form where you can let us know what you might be willing to do on your timetable to contribute.

And if you happen to be in the Chicago area, you might soon come across this Craiglist ad for starters:

Are you a sports fan?  Are you a writer?  Want a showcase for your talents?  We are seeking contributors to our sports enthusiast site  While our specific needs are for experts in MMA, contact sports, e-sports and sports wagering we are open to bringing contributors aboard who have a solid knowledge of any and all sports who would like to share their opinions.  Help us grow into a higher trafficked site and share in our rewards.  If you are interested please fill out this Google form to get in touch with us .

Look, there are probably hundreds of possible sites, including perhaps your own blog, where you can express your opinions.  Some of you may already be doing so.  We do know there are many of you who contribute to spirited discussions in sometimes lengthy Facebook and/or LinkedIn posts.  Those of you who merely comment might have more to say.  And might have some more flexibility in time and lifestyle than some of us do.

That’s who we are seeking.  Someone with a take.  Someone who simply wants to express themselves.  Perhaps you were recently laid off from a much more ambitious publication.  Perhaps you’re a student who yearns to have a chance to be discovered.

And we ARE promising that you will have a share in what WE are able to build.  Once we establish a dialogue, we can give you more details on our plans for growth.  They’re flexible and evolving, to say the least.  But we know we’re just treading water on our own.

And this was never intended to be just a personal blog.  I’ve already got one of those, thank you, and I’d appreciate your patronage if you haven’t yet visited.   This is was intended to be more of a sports fan community, and we’d still like it to be.  All indications are we’d all be better off were that the case.

So the question to you is: are you merely content to sit on the sidelines, or do you have any desire to get into the game?  Our site, “personal blog” or not, reaches thousands of eyeballs a week, and not all of them are bots with links to suspicious malware sites.  We do have those, and we call them spam.  If that defines you, please move on to your next victims.

There will be busier sports news days ahead, to be sure.  We’d love for you to be a bigger part of them.


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