Good G-d, Columbus!

Oh, you entitled, whiny, obsessive and Oh!-so-hard to please fans of Ohio State football.

You didn’t want to playing a game last night in Dallas at all, did you?.  Plenty of those you had cheered for actually chose not to.  You set a bar every single year that nothing short of a national championship is satisfactory, and pity the poor schmuck who dares to lose to that school in maize and blue in the process.

Be honest, were you truly surprised by the result which the reporter for the hometown paper of the team that DID see the 2023 Cotton Bowl as a reward, THE COLUMBIA DAILY TRIBUNE’s Calum McAndrew, offered up this morning?:

A reporter called them “The Big Three” in the lead up to the game.

And boy, did the St. Louis trio prove that nickname right.

When Missouri seemed down and out, it turned to running back Cody Schrader, quarterback Brady Cook and wide receiver Luther Burden III. They came to the rescue.

No. 9 Mizzou, at the end of its spellbinding season, is the Cotton Bowl champion.

The Tigers claimed the New Year’s Six Bowl win with a 14-3 victory over No. 7 Ohio State on Friday evening in AT&T Stadium. 

For a while, there were more punts than completed passes. Mizzou won’t care one bit, as it finished the year 11-2 and has its first bowl victory of the Eli Drinkwitz era.

Contrast that to what SPORTS ILLUSTRATED’s Thomas Neumann offered up on your reaction:

Ryan Day is 56–8 as head coach of the Buckeyes, but he’s on the hot seat in the minds of some fans and observers. So it shouldn’t be a total shock that “Fire Day” was trending on X, formerly Twitter, mere minutes after the end of Friday’s game.

Buckeyes coach Ryan Day is on the hot seat in the minds of some fans after his team’s Cotton Bowl loss to Missouri. Screen grab from X on Dec. 30, 2023.

And some of them, as BLEACHER REPORT’s Paul Kasabian compiled, were doozies.
Somewhere lost in translation were the salient points which Kasabian tried to remind you of:
(T)he Buckeyes entered this one shorthanded. Superstar wide receiver and Heisman finalist Marvin Harrison Jr. skipped the Cotton Bowl, presumably in advance of declaring for the 2024 NFL draft. Starting quarterback Kyle McCord has left for Syracuse. Wideout Julian Fleming, who finished third among OSU wideouts in receptions and receiving yards, is in the transfer portal. Running back Chip Trayanum, the team’s second-leading rusher, has already left for Kentucky.
And you somehow forget, as an X-eet from THE COLLEGE FOOTBALL REPORT reminded you, you haven’t exactly been cleaning clock against quality teams whose names don’t begin with the scarlet letter M:
Ryan Day at Ohio State: • 56-8 Record 1-3 vs Michigan 0-3 vs the SEC 1-6 vs CFP Top 5
You’re relentless in your doggedness to rid yourselves of what you perceive as a cancer and a pox on your precious program, despite the fact that he’s won nearly 90 percent of the time and somehow convinced top tier athletes to spend fall and early winter in the balmy climes of the city that offers only the Olantangie River as its potentila beach, not that too many days that time of year would lend themselves to stripping down on its shoreline.
And yet, you somehow expect in spite of your vitriol and overreactions, your constant reminding that this was a consolation prize on the order of Rice-a-Roni, and with the reality check of the current college athlete having far more to lose from a de facto exhibition game, somehow, because of Buckeye pride, what was left for Day to work with would somehow be motivated enough to give a crap?  Or talented enough to succeed?
Or is it just that you’re so thin-skinned and entitled that seeing a recap like the one Kasabian offered sends you into a rage that is almost as ugly as a winter skyline in central Ohio?:
Quarterbacks Devin Brown (who left early due to an ankle injury) and Lincoln Kienholz completed just 10-of-23 passes for 106 yards. The running game posted only 2.9 yards per carry (33 yards, 97 attempts). Ohio State scored on just one its 11 drives, including eight straight in which it came up empty after a first quarter field goal.
You reap what you sow.
Maybe there’s a better coach out there you think you can buy, just like Texas A & M did.  Just like the U did.  Remind me, which semifinal playoff games are those schools playing in?
Maybe you can convince your former savoir Urban Meyer to run it back?  Sure.  Quality human beings like that will gladly put up with your thought process if you throw enough money at him.
But honestly, why in G-d’s name would even someone as odious as Meyer want to try and please you?
This was not a game that Ryan Day or Homer Simpson or Job could have won against a team that actually had motivation, talent and a smiling fan base.  Not with the horses Day had to work with at the start, and especially at the end.  And since this was not THE “M” team y’all live and die on your hills for, it wouldn’t have mattered anyway.
I really do hope you get your wish.  No one, not even Ryan Day, deserves the kind of treatment you felt compelled to offer to back up what you can’t seem to get out of your minds.  I kind of get where Jim Jordan’s determination to impeach may come from.
And boy, do I hope whereever he goes (and he WILL get another coaching job despite your pleas), he has a team that comes into your backyard that shuts you up and actually makes you wish you had a shred of decorum or decency along the way.  Especially after the freaking Cotton Bowl.
Heeeeeey…I understand Jim Harbaugh might be moving on.
Just sayin’….

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