Everybody saw this coming except me.  Sue me, I’m sometimes blinded by loyalty to people who mean the world to me.  Miami Dolphins fans, at least in my experience, are pretty special people.   But they’re anything but objective.

I probably should have heeded the sage advice of a successful media executive who offered this observation from someone in his inner circle. who has covered professional sports for decades:

(A)s for the Fins, I will quote Dr Tony Kornheiser, a SUNY Binghamton grad who said none of the Dolphins have ever walked to the dry cleaners in 45 degrees, let alone play football in below zero temps. KC by 17

Or I could have simply just Googled what temperature will allow dolphins to exist at all.  Per Bing,

So, in 20/20 hindsight, should I have truly been surprised by the sobering results that CBS NEWS Miami’s Alfred Charles reported last night?:

The temperature at Arrowhead Stadium was below freezing — way below freezing at minus-4 degrees Fahrenheit when the Miami Dolphins took the field Saturday night to face the Kansas City Chiefs. 

The cold and the Dolphins’ own missteps on the field doomed Miami’s effort as they lost 26-7 during what will go down in history as one of the coldest NFL games every played.

The loss by Miami extends their streak to 24 years of being unable to score a win during the playoffs.

The injury-depleted Dolphins (11-7) looked nothing like the dynamic offense that led the league in yards during the regular season.

Tua Tagovailoa was pressured relentlessly by the NFL’s second-ranked defense, wide receiver Tyreek Hill had a 53-yard TD catch but was otherwise shut down in his return to Kansas City, and the Dolphins finished with just 264 yards in all.

They have not won at Arrowhead Stadium since Nov. 6, 2011, nor won a playoff game since Dec. 30, 2000.

And if that sounds daunting, consider this: if the Detroit Lions manage to win their home playoff game tonight and spoil Matthew Stafford’s homecoming with the visiting Rams, that will be the longest current streak of post-season futililty of ANY NFL team.

I’m including the Cleveland Browns, whose own season came to an even more  inglorious end earlier yesterday in Houston.

And I’m even including the New York Jets, who managed to coax a win out of the butt fumbler of fame,Mark Sanchez, who until C.J. Stroud’s stellar effort with the Texans yesterday was the most rookie quarterback to deliver a post-season win under a rookie head coach.

The Dolphins, whose season looked SOOOO promising a scant few weeks ago?  Essentially a run it back from last year.

And it’s now been an even 50 years since their last Super Bowl win, the second of a back-to-back on the heels of their still-record 17-0 season of that glorious year in 1972, when some truly special fans were born.

That’s just five years removed from when those same Jets won their only Super Bowl appearance to date.

It’s enough to at least make me question if I really was just asking for still more fan torture by embracing this team even more than I once (and, yes, still at times do) embrace the Jets.

But at least their young coach is a proven winner in the regular season.  At least their quarterback isn’t accusing public figures of being pedophiles.  And at least they won’t be shoveling snow for the next few weeks while they contemplate how it all went so wrong so quickly.

And one has to believe that the crushing losses their defense experienced in the season’s latter weeks can’t be repeated, and perhaps they might not wind up with such an overwhelmingly challenging venue and the fourth-coldest game time temperature in NFL playoff history next time out.

But, look, that’s an admittedly emotional point of view.  Just like when I chose to dismiss the sage advice of Dr. Kornheiser.  By the way–the Chiefs’ actually margin of victory (19) covered even his aggressive tease.

If nothing else, my decades invested in supporting the Jets’ lost cause might make me a source of some counsel for those Dol-fans not quite used to futility.   Then again, we might just be more kindred spirit.

Sounds like we can comfort each other.  But not with sushi.  Too triggering.


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