Clipping The Opposition?

My LinkedIn was abuzz with giddy, upbeat articles trumpeting the Los Angeles Clippers’ announcement that it will be reversing a trend of major sports teams bypassing local broadcast TV, as it will return games to KTLA-TV Channel 5 for the first time in sixteen years this fall.   Indeed, they will become only the second such … Read more

The Talented(?) Mr. Ripley

You may not know who Chris Ripley is, but if you live in any one of 100 markets around the U.S. and/or are a sports fan, you’ve likely watched one of his networks. Ripley is the CEO and president of Sinclair Broadcasting, which is very, very good at optimizing quirks in how U.S. television stations’ … Read more

Too Big For Cable

When The Big 10 effectively became the Big 16 with the addition of USC and UCLA, making it a coast-to-coast conference, there was rampant speculation that it was a prime candidate for a streaming service, such as Apple or Amazon, to place a pre-emptive bid for its broadcast rights, especially its football games. Well, this … Read more

Charles Is Still in Charge

Charles Barkley decided to play 18 holes of golf yesterday in the middle of his off-season as a Turner Sports analyst.  That shouldn’t have been news. But the fact that it occurred at a Trump-owned course, in a pro-am with former president Donald Trump, at an event financed by Saudi officials on the fledgling LIV … Read more

Moving In A New DIRECT-ion

My roommate doesn’t understand why someone as allegedly forward-thinking as I am steadfastly chooses to spend a lot of money on DIRECTV service.  Candidly, I watch a lot less broadcast TV than ever, much like the majority of America, and virtually every significant series is otherwise available on a streaming service.  He just bought a … Read more

Adding Apples To A Balanced Diet

Amidst the usual news on new devices and hardware that came out of the Apple online event that was held yesterday was an announcement on content that to me offered more about why I’m a lot less likely to get an Android phone any time soon. As had been rumored for weeks, Apple TV+ will … Read more