When Boxing Means Soccer

What football is to the U.S., football is to the U.K.  Yeah, we call it soccer, but any true Brit would immediately correct you, since their version is the one where the ball actually touches feet for more than just a few plays a game (er, match). And as has been tradition since it all started, … Read more

The French Have A Word For It

Yeh, I know, I vowed I wouldn’t write any more about World Cup 2022.  After what happened to Grant Wahl earlier this week, and the initial belief from his distraught gay brother that foul play may have been involved, coupled with the other improprieties that Qatari officials have inflicted on migrant workers and their citizens, … Read more

Take Our Ball And Go Home? We Should. We Won’t.

NOTE:  This has been repurposed from our sister site, http://www.leblanguage.net Less than twenty-four hours ago Grant Wahl was tweeting about the thrilling Argentina-Netherlands World Cup quarterfinal match, reporting onsite just as he had done at seven previous World Cups, previously as a correspondent for CBS and FOX Sports as well as Sports Illustrated.  The Dutch tied … Read more


After Captain America, Christian Pulisic, sacrificed body and soul to almost single-handedly will the United States into the knockout round of the 2022 World Cup, American soccer fans began to think that somehow, in this most surprising and unusually staged year, they might actually have had a chance to go where only one previous men’s … Read more

Holy War Won

There have been high political tensions surrounding the Qatari World Cup, but before today none had yet impacted the on-field play.  The host Qataris proved to be as feeble with their soccer skills as they are with their respect for women and migrant workers, losing their third consecutive match early this morning and exiting the … Read more

In Quest of Differing Gooooals?

So as this is being typed action is finally underway in Doha, Qatar and the 2022 men’s soccer World Cup is being contested for the first time on that country’s soil.  The fact that this is occurring five days before Thanksgiving is a concession to the intense heat that this region’s climate has, which during … Read more

Every Rose (City) Has A Thorn.

I’ve absolutely fallen in love with Portland, Oregon, the so-called “Rose City”.   My best friend lives nearby, I’ve met some truly amazing people beyond said friend, rekindled my love for Pacific Northwest salmon and microbrews and almost don’t mind the persistent dampness and rain.  When the sun is out, it’s arguably heaven on Earth. About … Read more

This Man Deserves A Swift Kick

You may not know the name John Neace, and, frankly, neither did I until I did a little background research (I’ve got a little experience with that skill set) on the horrific news regarding the results of a investigation into what has been called “pervasive” and “systemic” abusive behavior and sexual misconduct in the still-fledgling … Read more