Here’s Two Football!

Two opening days in the span of 24 hours, on two different continents.  Two interpretations of the word football.  Two sure signs that ,despite the heat wave apocolypse that has befallen this mortal soil, cooler days may yet return and, short of that, excitement and drama are indeed on the way. Last night, the NFL … Read more

Apple Takes Another Bite at Sports. Are They Ready To Gorge?

NOTE:  This content is repurposed from our sister site:   Yesterday, Apple TV+ announced a long-term deal with a U.S. professional league.  No, it wasn’t the NFL. Instead, Major League Soccer and the streaming service announced a 10-year deal, reportedly worth $2.5B, which will see Apple emerge as the primary distribution source fot the entire … Read more

We’re Not Number Eighteen!!

The final fortnight of English Premier League soccer is underway, and while there is no formal post-season tournament structure the unique nature of which teams actually compete in any given season makes these final two weeks more compelling than any season winddown than any league in any sport in North America. Yes, the league championship, … Read more

They Might Just Make It After All

Like many more casual sports fans, I first fell in love with women’s soccer when the United States team won the 1999 World Cup on our home soil, sowing the seed that the 1994 Cup hosting planted by going all the way in an admittedly less developed world field.  When Brandi Chastain stripped off her … Read more

On the road to Qatar

I distinctly remember June 17, 1994, as did the ESPN documentary of the same name.  Game 5 of the Knicks-Rockets NBA championship series, coverage interrupted by breaking news from Los Angeles about a certain retired football player attempting to flee a police pursuit.  For me, the added overlay of watching the chase unfold in front … Read more

When Worlds Collide…

For those of us who think that selfish and questionably motivated ownership is limited to major league baseball, consider these two nuggets from other sports this week: From across the pond:  Chelsea FC owner Roman Abramovich, a Russian oligarch with established political ties to Vladimir Putin, announced he was selling his highly successful franchise a … Read more

I Get A Kick Out Of You

While one summer sport stubbornly refuses to resolve its internal strife and get down to business, another begins its season tonight.  Major League Soccer returns to action today for its earliest start date yet, bowing in nine cities from Philadelphia to Portland despite March still not being upon us.   I, for one, am grateful.  And … Read more