Thanksgiving Honors Its Biggest Champion

For all of the traditions currently associated with Thanksgiving, perhaps none is as cross-generational and as popular (other than the meal itself) than watching pro football.  Football and Thanksgiving have been linked together since the origins of the game, and in Detroit alone the Lions have hosted such a game for 84 years.  This year, … Read more

Lost Angeles?

The middle of February 2022 may go down in history as the peak of professional football’s renaissance in the city of Los Angeles.  The Super Bowl was back in town for the first time in 29 years, and this time with one of the combatants representing the city, only the second time in the game’s … Read more


Once again, it’s a quadrupleheader Sunday for NFL couch potatoes, with a regular season game in Europe and, for the first time, in Germany.  And no less stalwarts than Tom Brady and Pete Carroll, not to mention likely Comeback Player of the Year Geno Smith, are making the trek to Munich for a game that, … Read more

New York, New York, New York

A lot of my friends around the country who have deep passions for their respective pro franchises have had some rough moments of late.  Friends in Atlanta are despondent over their Braves being dethroned as baseball’s World champions; more locally loyal fans of the Dodgers are still reeling from the utter collapse in San Diego … Read more

Hail to the WTFs?

One of the most imposing executives I met early in my media career ran the FOX station in Washington, D.C.  She had been a highly auspiced reporter dating back to World War II, ran the news department at one of the nation’s first and most successful stations to run a primetime local newscast, and was … Read more