Only Three?

Three and two. That’s the Bulls record over their last five games, including a three game winning streak. It also includes home and home matchups with the 76ers to close out the season set. With the exception of their last game on Wednesday they have been playing like they want to make the playoffs. They … Read more

Who is the GOAT?

Ever year around this time the topic of who is the GOAT athlete comes up in the sports world. I do not follow football enough to actually have an opinion about who the GOAT is in the NFL conversation. Same goes for the NHL since I do not follow hockey. As for baseball my opinion … Read more

Curry, Kwame, Chandler prove merits of NBA Draft Rule

When the NBA players and owners agreed on a new collective bargaining agreement before the 2005-06 season, one of the issues was the eligibility age for the NBA draft. Before the 2005 CBA, Americans were eligible upon graduating high school and international players were eligible the year they turned 18. The new CBA required Americans … Read more