Is It Hayden Time?

With Kyle Hendricks out likely out until at least mid-May the Cubs find themselves with an interesting predicament on their hands. You’re probably asking what the predicament could be when with Kyle they’d have a six man rotation. Well, the fact is they have six starters without Kyle thanks to their offseason signing of Jameson … Read more

Just When I Thought I Was Out, They Pull Me Back In

Obviously, Michael Corleone’s a baseball fan. Yes, I was ready to dismiss the rest of the World Baseball Classic, especially after Edwin Diaz’s overcelebration of his Puerto Rico team’s win that likely cost the Mets their transformative closer for the 2023 season.   But last night, with a UCLA second round victory secured, I switched over … Read more

F**K The World!

No, I really mean it.  F**K The World.  Well, at least the World Baseball Classic. I was supportive of the return of the WBC  after a six-year hiatus, if only for the greater good of the sport and growing it in countries where not only could talent be gleaned but international revenue could improve, something … Read more

Today Phoenix, Tomorrow The World?

Arrogant little country, aren’t we? Here we are, thinking that for 120 years we’ve been determining the champion of the baseball world with something we call the World Series.  The United States, for sure.  North America, perhaps, at least in 1993.  The world?  Hah. Fact is, nearly 30 per cent of current major league players … Read more

A Robot Behind The Plate?

As a technologist and website developer the automated home plate umpire has been something, about the game I love watching, I have been closely watching the news about since I first heard it was being tested in Minor League Baseball a few years back. Add to that the PitchCom device that MLB catchers and pitchers … Read more

Are These The Next Cubs Champs?

Spring Training games Saturday. As I write this the Cubs are 2-4, that includes a split-squad outing yesterday. It is still too early to tell what offensive holes there still are following an offseason that was filled with moves relating to everything other than pitching. Even so, I still believe things are on the way … Read more

Double Opening Day

In half of America, it’s absolutely horrible outside, and will be so through tomorrow.  But in some parts, including Florida, the weather is ideal.  So, naturally, it’s a perfect time for Opening Days. Yes, that’s plural.  Like so many people of my generation, the first pitch of spring training is always the de facto beginning … Read more

You Go, We Go!

Three weeks ago news broke that Cubs 2016 leadoff man Dexter Fowler retired with a post by him on social media. “It’s here. I’m hanging up my cleats,” Fowler wrote. Drafted by the Colorado Rockies in 2004 Fowler played in the majors seven years before coming to Chicago and being a big part of the … Read more