Was that really goodbye?

In Chicago players on many major teams have taken out full page ads or articles in local papers to say thank you to fans over the years. On October 3 Jason Heyward wrote a piece for The Players Tribune. I’ve read this piece many times over the last six weeks and it has given me … Read more

If You Haven’t Yet, Say Hey

When Willie Mays was still hitting lots of home runs as an active major league baseball player, I was hitting a lot myself on the bulletin board at Queens Valley School. In a nod to the nearby Mets who were just beginning their Amazing era that eventually produced their unlikely World’s Championship, my school library … Read more

Thirty Years In The Making

I did think Dusty Baker would manufacture a way to blow it again even as late as the 7th inning of Game 6 the fact is the Astros pitching staff was doing some very historic things under his watch this year. Thanks to the stellar pitching by his teammates Jose Altuve has his second ring … Read more


Sorry, Phillies fans.  The Ass-tros are very much alive and well in the 2022 World Series, and they delivered as emphatic and undeniable a reminder of that than almost any team in history last night. Behind the mercenary-like efficiency of “El Reptil”, Cristian Javier, and three exceptionally effective relievers, Houston pulled even with Philly with … Read more

We Could Use A Return To 1980

As the reality of a World Series between the Philadelphia Phillies and Houston Astros sets in while we wait for the pre-ordained scheduling for FOX to kick in as weather gets colder (yeah, Philadelphia, bundle up!) there’s a sense of dread that this matchup simply isn’t good for anybody. Houston became only the third team … Read more

It’s Rarely Sunny In Philadelphia

When FX fell in love with the quirky comedy IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA , when native son Rob McElhenny parlayed a $200 spec script into a six-episode order in 2005, you knew the title was a snarky joke indicative of its intended tone. Philadelphia was a city synoymous with losing and losers for decades. … Read more

Time To Put The Trash Out

For the third time in six years, and for the fourth time in the decade since the Houston Astros moved to the American League, the New York Yankees will face off against them in the post-season.  In none of those previous situations did the Yankees advance at their expense, losing in a one-game wild card … Read more