“They’re All Gone”

The Summer Olympics of fifty years ago were held a little later than in previous years, and I had become an Olympics addict during the winter games in Sapporo when I was home sick for the entire duration and got my first subscription to Sports Illustrated (20 issues for $2.97, plus a free logo transistor … Read more

Hot Cheetos and Takis and Reach

My poor little surgically altered stomach can’t quite handle spicy foods, so I’m typically frustrated when I get a craving for a snack and see more different variations of flamin’ hot chips, popcorn, burgers and pizza at my local strip mall.   I’m well aware that the likely reason these flavors dominate the shelves is because … Read more

Running Rings Around Ratings Reality

For the second time in less than a year, and for the third time in four, NBC’s schedule is on hiatus due to Olympic coverage.  For the third consecutive Olympiad, NBC’s ratings have declined precipitously.  For the third consecutive Olympiad, media and financial pundits are eager to prey upon every shred of data that trickles … Read more

A Bronze–With An Asterisk

After a year’s delay and more snags than Totie Fields’ panty hose (Google it, anyone born after 1970), the 2020 Summer Olympics are history. Much has been written about the myraid problems and challenges these star-crossed Games have endured, from the staging without crowds to the mental anguish of numerous competitors to the complete or … Read more