A Seminal Seminole Battle Begins

They share a common launch window, a common state and a common nose turn from the majority of those in the upper echelons of the National Hockey League, especially Canadians.  They’re Florida’s two hockey teams, and for the second consecutive year they will engage in a playoff series against each other. When they were created … Read more

Maple Leaf Drag

One of the most pleasant connections I made during the horrors of pandemic lockdown was a friendship with a spirited fellow game show geek from north of the border who regularly joined our nightly zoom calls to play board games remotely.  Aside from sharing a love of formats in two languages (like most intelligent Canadians, … Read more

The Magnificent 7×7

Game Seven.  We’ve already previously offered how important it is to media rights holders for post-season basketball and hockey series to go their limits (as well as baseball) so they can actually be in the black money-wise.  For fans, it goes without saying that Game 7s offer the ultimate in buildup, tension and the kind … Read more

Playoff Series Fit For A Queen

Queen Latifah is more successful these days as the star of THE EQUALIZER than she was as a talk and variety show host.  On two different occasions more than a decade apart Queen failed to last more than two seasons helming a daily series, losing tens of millions of dollars on both occasions for companies … Read more

Christmas in May for Rangers Fans?

If the composer of SANTA CLAUS IS COMING TO TOWN hadn’t been a hockey fan, I might not have become one myself. When I was first discovering the joys of watching live sports I was particularly jazzed by theme songs of various broadcasts. particularly ones with lyrics.   As a Mets fan first and foremost, “Meet … Read more

Quick As A Flash Once Again

Pop quiz:  Which Los Angeles sports team was the last one to win a league championship in their home venue designated by their league as the actual home team? If you knee-jerked to the pandemic year titles of fall 2020 that the beloved Dodgers and Lakers won, well, think again.  The Dodgers wore home uniforms … Read more

The Year Of The Cat?

Perhaps the sixth most popular team in South Florida these days, counting the U, may be the NHL Florida Panthers.  While their winter sport counterpart Heat play in a gleaming arena recently renamed for a crypto company on the shores of Biscayne Bay in multicultural Dade County, the Panthers toil in relative obscurity in a … Read more

For Vegas Hockey, A True Knightmare

Made a quick trip to Las Vegas to actually interact with visiting business colleagues.  I’ve truly missed business travel, and part of my ritual is to sample morning news and sportscasts to get a flavor on what’s going on of significance if for no other reason than to make small talk with cabbies and bellhops, … Read more

Let’s Win It For Dauber

One of the more enduring sitcoms of the 1990s was COACH, initially set around the life of a college football coach played by Craig T. Nelson that was set at a “fictitious” college called Minnesota State.  At the time, the state of Minnesota was one of only a handful that did not have a state … Read more

A Knight To Remember

I’ve been spending a lot of time lately thinking about relocating.  Both professionally and personally, Los Angeles seems to have run its course for me.  After 37 years, two failed marriages and a pandemic that seems to linger here beyond comprehension, it may be time for me to look elsewhere, particularly where rents can be … Read more