How I Became A Baseball Fan

It began with a lemonade stand and a stereo. In my Fathers Day post I mentioned that my parents moved the family back to Chicago in the late 90’s after living in Mississippi for approximately three years. The first summer after we moved back to Chicago dad told me he wanted me to spend more … Read more

How I Became A Basketball Fan

Ten years ago I was just shy of six months from having lost my father on Father’s Day and for the first time in six months I was actually about to watch an entire basketball game or baseball game without thinking about my father even once. For me it all started when my parents took … Read more

I Know Why I’m A Fan.

Father’s Day is probably a happier day for many of you than I these days.  I’m not a dad, and likely never will be, and even those closest to me seem to be busy living their own lives to even throw me an e-moji these days. My own dad left us in 2014, and it … Read more


There’s been an awful lot written about the fact that Thursday night’s much-anticipated January 6 congressional hearings aired on virtually every network and platform of consequence, save for FOX News Channel and the snarky “commentary” offered by Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity. Well, that’s not entirely true. ESPN was offering an alternative of their own … Read more

Welcome to the Next Period

Welcome to the next period of my life and my passion.  No, my passion may not be the one you were thinking I’d say. For as much as love, health, entertainment, politics and desire for relevance and human interaction fuel my livelihood and essence my passion is, unabashedly, sports.  I don’t play many, and I’m … Read more