Manning to Manning: Incomplete?

Last night, while Los Angeles dried out from a daylong soaking rain, I plopped down in front of the big screen, a plate of mushroom fettucini in hand, and watched Monday Night Football in a new way with more than a million strangers, though in truth all by myself. I’m reminded that I’m the latest … Read more

Not any given Sunday

The first Sunday of October, arguably the first true vestige of fall.  Except here on the edge of Culver City it will be in the 90s, feel like summer, and be the appropriate backdrop for what bodes to be the most exciting final day of major league baseball Leblanguage has seen since he first developed … Read more

The Curse of the Mask?

I fucking LOVE football.  I’ve purchased a LOT of face masks.  And recently I’ve begun to build out my collection of jerseys and outerwear as well, Naturally I think there’s a connection to these passions. As we head out of September and into the heart of the NFL season let’s do a quick recap of … Read more