Handicapping the CFP Race Week 9

From now until the last week of the regular season, I will be sharing my weekly thoughts on the college football playoff chase. CFP contenders after week 9: Group of 5: No one Independents: No one ACC: Clemson. They’re 8-0 and will likely make it through the regular season undefeated. Big 12: Texas Christian. They’re … Read more

A Sunday Full Of Yogis

Even if you’re slightly younger than me, you’ve probably at least heard of Yogi Berra.  The Hall of Fame baseball catcher, coach, manager and chocolate drink magnate was a pop culture icon in his heyday, known as much for his mangling of the English language as he was for his prowess as a hitter and … Read more

Thursday Night Football Comes “Exclusively” To Prime Video. May They Not Be A Bunch of Yahoos.

NOTE:  This is a reposting of an article originally released on our sister site, www.leblanguage.com.  Please visit it daily for media insights, and share with others if possible. Tonight could be a watershed moment in the history of televised sports.  Amazon Prime Video will debut its Thursday Night Football package, and will have a great … Read more

A Big Win For The Twelfth Man

I’ve spent a lot of time in the Pacific Northwest lately, and I’ve learned perhaps the one thing they love more than salmon and Tillamook dairy products are the Seattle Seahawks.  When I visited last month, I struck up random conversations with fans who eagerly awaited this season’s opener with perhaps as much, or more, … Read more

Waiting All Night For Sunday Dawn

It’s the first Sunday of the NFL season, and, naturally, I’m wide awake even as most of the city is still sleeping.  For me, any opening day is one I look forward to with childlike glee.  It’s a sign that I’ve somehow made it to another milestone, despite so many incidents that would have otherwise … Read more