Hot Dawg!

For about ten minutes last night, as the sellout crowd still straggled into SoFi Stadium trying to dry off from what the Inglewood Chamber of Commerce could only see as their worst nightmare for climate, the College Football Championship game was, well, a game. When TCU held Georgia to a field goal on their second … Read more

To bowl or not to bowl?

With the college football bowl season underway, the annual discussion of players skipping the bowl games is coming up again. This is a recent development that started in the last few years. Many people feel players shouldn’t do this, and should finish the season with their teams. I, on the other hand, disagree, and here’s … Read more

The First Free Agent Heisman

Caleb Williams made history last night when he won the 2022 Heisman Trophy. Not necessarily because he was USC’s eighth recipient of the honor, breaking a tie with Ohio State and Oklahoma (though, thanks to the Reggie Bush incidents, the NCAA only recognizes seven of those wins),  Not just because he was the third Trojan … Read more

The Rematch Bowl?

As college football grappled with the results of an upset-filled championship weekend, with the third and fourth-ranked teams both coming up short in their respective conference title games, its selection committee was faced with a couple of worst-case scenarios. If they had followed the most orthodox and traditional leanings of a committee that favors bigger … Read more