Rock U Like A Hurricane

There are 32 major college basketball teams that will be competing this week in the respective Sweet Sixteens of the respective men’s and women’s March Madness tournaments.  Four schools have teams in both genders’ tourneys. The University of Connecticut: 11-time NCAA women’s championships, plus 4 men’s titles in a 15-year span between 1999-2014. UCLA: 11-time … Read more

Is It Still The Oscars? Or Just Another Selection Sunday?

NOTE:  This also appears today on our sister site, Later this afternoon, two major events will occur live, back-to-back, and their results will be played out over national broadcast television.  Both will involve hundreds of candidates looking for recognition, with the emotion of waiting to see if they are acknowledged to be covered by … Read more

Mercy, Yes, They Deserve To Play.

Two college basketball players, at the opposite end of their potential playing career spectrums, are dominating headlines on the cusp of March. One with a prominent present and a potentially lucrative future.who has become the focus of national debate.  The other who more than likely will never be this successful or famous ever again, only … Read more