Luck of the Irish?

Whenever a major sports event lasts the name of this website, I feel obligated to make observations on it. In the case of last night’s thrilling 89-87 Notre Dame victory over Rutgers in the final game of March Madness’ First Four in–wait for it–DOUBLE OVERTIME, there were additional superlatives that were justified. For one, it … Read more

Oh, Sheet

March Madness is back, with no crowd restrictions in multiple venues across the country and, for the first time, a women’s bracket fully endorsed by the NCAA with similar bloating (68 teams) and branding to the men’s field.   So if you’re a hardcore gambler , a casual fan or even a non0fN just someone trying … Read more

Being On–And In–A Bubble

It’s Selection Sunday in college basketball, and we’re on the verge of a legitimate three-week, multi-city sojourn for teams around the country for the first time in three years.  I can’t tell you how giddy with anticipation I am about that sort of return to normalcy after two consecutive springs of first, a brutally ill-timed … Read more

Harden-Ing A Rivalry

There’s less than 100 miles distance between Brooklyn and Philadelphia, and even less between the histories of their respective NBA franchises.   While there has been a gulf between their respective trajectories since the trade they consummated last month featuring their respective All-Star malcontents James Harden and Ben Simmons, last night served notice that they are … Read more

One More Showdown

At noon ET today two old coaches will square off against each other one last time.  They’ve been coaching almost as long as I’ve been a fan, and both have been alive a lot longer than me.  They’ve been a remarkable source of continuity and a reminder of younger, simpler days. I wrote a lot … Read more

Sex and Basketball

In the opening scene of the HBO series WINNING TIME that premiered last night, John C. Reilly, literally reincarnating Dr. Jerry Buss with his performance, exclaims “God damn!  Basketball!  It’s like great sex!”.  As the camera pans out, it’s revealed that he’s likely naked, in the Playboy mansion with a model curled up next to … Read more

It’s still O(h). (Coach) K.

So the Cameron Indoor Stadium career of Mike Krzyzewski ended last night.  After 42 years, 572 wins, a .883 winning percentage at home and five national titles, Coach K bid farewell to his Duke last night.  ESPN was, of course, on hand, tickets went for record prices and a good ol’ time was expected in … Read more


\James Harden made a triumphant return to the New York metropolitan area yesterday, just days removed from his deadline day trade out of the hell he perceived Brooklyn to be and now rejuvenated as a member of the Philadelphia 76ers.  Reunited with the fanboy that just happens to be his boss again, Sixers GM Daryl … Read more

February Madness?

On a day when spring training was supposed to start but did not, the other sure sign warmer days are ahead, the peaking of the college basketball season, took center stage in a way that was like no other day in recent memory.  Each of the top six ranked teams lost.  From early morning, when … Read more

Hoop Dreams?

The 75th season of the National Basketball Association opens tonight, the first in three years that is scheduled to run a full 82 games and in a traditional eight-month scheduling cycle.  From mid-October to mid-June, 1230 regular season games and as many as 420 post-season games will be contested, providing more than 3000 hours of … Read more