Clipping The Opposition?

My LinkedIn was abuzz with giddy, upbeat articles trumpeting the Los Angeles Clippers’ announcement that it will be reversing a trend of major sports teams bypassing local broadcast TV, as it will return games to KTLA-TV Channel 5 for the first time in sixteen years this fall.   Indeed, they will become only the second such … Read more

Aces High

Traffic is gonna come to a halt on the Las Vegas Strip during rush hour tonight, and for a change it will have nothing to do with a bachelor party gone bad. But there will be a lot of good-looking women with bling, only these are being honored by the entire city.  The Las Vegas … Read more

Standing In The Hall Of Fame

I’ll admit, I’m a sucker for Hall of Fame induction ceremonies.  When you’ve been a passionate sports fan as long as I have, you look forward to these rituals as much for a signpost of how much entertainment you’ve been given by the honorees for as long as they were capable of providing it as … Read more

A Place For The Sun

On a night when the second half for the Los Angeles Rams was an illustration of complete collapse, the Connecticut Sun demonstrated to a far smaller audience how to actually close out a game. With all five of its starters scoring in double figures, the Sun used a 25-5 fourth quarter, including the game’s final … Read more

Durant Due Rant

So after nearly an entire summer of uncertainty, where virtually every sports media outlet offered speculation and even sports books offered odds on where Kevin Durant would be playing this fall, yesterday the handicapping came to an end when it was announced that Durant and the team he has been contractually obligated to play for … Read more

Hoop, Hoop Hooray

While it hasn’t quite risen to the level of anticipation that the release of the NFL schedule has achieved, yesterday’s announcement of the 2022-23 NBA schedule was noteworthy enough to warrant a special hour on ESPN–at least for now one of its dedicated broadcast partners–and lots .of scrutiny from eager fans who are perhaps longing … Read more

Heaven Is Cackling

When I was a morbidly obese schoolkid obsessed with sports but devoid of even the remotest physical skills or desire to engage competively, I instead chose to hit my “home runs” via the competition to read as many books in our public school library as possible.  I quickly learned that the 796 section, back in … Read more

Brothers Finally Spare Some Dimes

Almost lost in the barrage of rookie debuts and superstar schmooze at last week’s NBA Summer League festivities in Las Vegas was the news, at long last, that the NBA will reward 115 surviving players from the ABA with “recognition payments” that are not a formal pension but will nevertheless give something to people truly … Read more