They Own LA

Whenever the Clippers and Lakers play each other, it’s a unique event.  They call this rivalry the Hallway Series because they currently share the Arena, as they have since it was built at the end of the previous century, and there is literally a hallway separating their posh locker rooms.  This happened to be … Read more

J’Adore Ce Jeu!

Under normal circumstances, a midweek January NBA game between the Chicago Bulls and Detroit Pistons would be an overwhelming call to inaction.  They are the next-to-last and last place teams in the Central Division, the Pistons the third-worst team in the league at 12-35, the Bulls far removed from their encouraging play of the first … Read more

Best of ’22: His Name Is STILL Luka. He Might Become Better Than Lebron.

AUTHOR’S NOTE:  On our sister site, much like many other daily media efforts during this time of year, we’re reprising “best of” from the soon-to-be ending year (and not a minute too soon, may I add).  Each day through the end of this week, we have attempted to connect something that just occurred or … Read more

Yule Love This Game (Whichever You Choose)

Today’s not only Christmas Day, but it’s the diamond anniversary of the NBA playing games on that day,  For a majority of those years, particularly the last half-centrury after the NHL suspended playing them, they’ve had the entire sports world to themselves (Even British soccer takes a holiday). With little else to distract them besides … Read more

The Heat is Meh

Part of my recent life journey is to adopt the favorite teams of some current and past very special people whose passions were inflamed by their fandom.  For a variety of reasons, the Miami Heat rank even higher on that list than many others do. I’ve really learned to appreciate both the arrogance and pride … Read more