In New York City this morning it’s 31 degrees one week into spring.   One of those difficult days to be a resident or a sports fan.  Typically, around this time of year the back pages of the New York City tabloids are devoted to looking ahead, not reporting on the present or looking back at … Read more

FOX Plays Pass (On) The Buck

It is becoming increasingly apparent that Joe Buck, synonymous with FOX Sports’ brand and the only lead play-by-play announcer for major league baseball it has ever known, will be leaving after more than a quarter-century for the (significantly) greener pastures of ESPN, where he will apparently reunite with Troy Aikman and attempt to restore Monday … Read more

It Is High, It Is Far…It Is Back

I’m a Mets fan to be sure, but I’m a sports fan first and foremost.  Yes, I admit to having soft spots for the Yankees, and especially their broadcasters.  I freely admit I listen to Yankees games when they don’t air head-to-head with the Mets’, and I look forward to hearing what ridiculous words will … Read more

Buy me some pancakes and orange juice?

As major league baseball announced its return to the diamond this week, it was also accompanied by a flurry of announcements regarding expanded and altered coverage for the sport.  Prominently, Comcast’s Peacock in the mix, particularly for an announcement that even old fogy traditionalists should applaud. Yesterday it was revealed that among the live MLB … Read more

The Marlins Are Worse Than Number 2

When I fully embraced the passions of South Florida sports teams, I tried like heck to embrace the Marlins.  On paper, there’s an awful lot to love.  They’ve won two titles in their first 29 seasons, which is two more than the Mets have had in that span.  They’ve got a pretty decent nucleus of … Read more

Not any given Sunday

The first Sunday of October, arguably the first true vestige of fall.  Except here on the edge of Culver City it will be in the 90s, feel like summer, and be the appropriate backdrop for what bodes to be the most exciting final day of major league baseball Leblanguage has seen since he first developed … Read more

Take me out to the ballgame!!

After a one-year hiatus my favorite weekend of the summer is here.  The New York Mets are finally back in Los Angeles, this time for a four-game series which I will be fortunate enough to be attending at least three of them in person. Some of the best days of my life have been spent … Read more