Time To Put The Trash Out

For the third time in six years, and for the fourth time in the decade since the Houston Astros moved to the American League, the New York Yankees will face off against them in the post-season.  In none of those previous situations did the Yankees advance at their expense, losing in a one-game wild card … Read more

New York, New York, New York

A lot of my friends around the country who have deep passions for their respective pro franchises have had some rough moments of late.  Friends in Atlanta are despondent over their Braves being dethroned as baseball’s World champions; more locally loyal fans of the Dodgers are still reeling from the utter collapse in San Diego … Read more

Three Up, Three Down (And Out)

The only thing that could have topped the quadruple-header of post season baseball that took up half of yesterday were the results, particularly those of the three games where teams faced elimination. Both of the top seeds in the National League, the respective world’s champions of the previous two seasons, were sent down to defeat … Read more

One Last Bounty of October Surprises

It’s a huge day for baseball, as for the fourth time this year we will see four post-season baseball games occur on the same day.  And once again, entire seasons are on the line–just not necessarily the ones we thought. Thanks to road wins earlier this week, and some impressive and timely home runs, two … Read more

What Can Brown Do TO You?

One would be hard-pressed to find a more idyllic city to live in within the United States than San Diego.  Temperture climate, typically with fewer extremes than one sees in Los Angeles, relatively more affordable housing than either LA and, certainly, the Bay Area, and some really high-quality and decently-priced authentic Mexican food–because, hey, the … Read more

Every Dog Has (Had?) Its Day

As regular readers may know, I’ve tried to live this baseball season through an alter ego and a needed cuddle buddy. When my beloved Mets made a late spring training move to acquire the A’s steady starter Chris Bassitt as a way to help bridge the gap that arose when Jacob deGrom’s return was set … Read more

Let’s Play Four!!!

Most true baseball fans know the unbridled joy that Ernie Banks exhibited during his long playing career and extended ambassadorship with the Chicago Cubs.  Banks was perhaps best known for the phrase “Let’s Play Two!!” when he’d step out onto the field at the “friendly confines” of Wrigley Field, where day games were exclusively played … Read more

My, Oh My

Edgar Martinez, meet Cal Raleigh. The Seattle Mariners’ young catcher secured his place in that team’s history with a dramatic two-out pinch-hit home run that sailed into the misty T-Mobile Park night to secure a 2-1 win over Texas and, more significantly, their first post-season appearance since 2001.  And in doing so broke the current … Read more

Now, The Real Chase Is On

The build-up over the past week since Aaron Judge hit his 60th home run has been nothing short of epic.  As he pursued homer #61, still regarded by baseball purists as the de facto all-time single season record despite the fact that it was eclipsed in the steroid era by three other players on four … Read more