For MLB, The Future May Be Billy’s, Not Bally’s

Our intrepid colleague from Chicago unearthed this little nugget yesterday from the Associated Press that caught my attention because, once again, this involves a former colleague of mine: Major League Baseball hired a high-ranking executive from the Sinclair Broadcast Group as the sport deals with concern over the future of regional sports networks in an … Read more

Kick Him In The Ding-Ding!

It’s not often that someone reacts strongly enough to what’s written here that they’re motivated to personally reach out, intelligently present a conflicting opinion, and then offer to buy you lunch in order to provide more detail as to why they so passionately believe I’m a dope. But that’s exactly what happened earlier this week … Read more

Megadeals Follow Lockouts

In 2020 the Winter Meetings were canceled due to COVID-19. Last year it was looking very possible that we’d see another shortened baseball season for the third time in less than 30 years. Before the 2021 season Fernando Tatis Jr. signed a fourteen year “Bobby Bonilla”-esc contract with the San Diego Padres, thanks to the … Read more

The Dodgers’ #(Me-)2 Starter?

In an off-season where its emerging arch-rival and playoff conqueror in San Diego invested $280 million in their third potential shortstop (with one already moved to third base and the steroid abusing incumbent moving to the outfield), the biggest moves they made was the signing of the arm that shut them down in the 2015 … Read more

My Dog Ran Away

I’m really, really heartbroken today, and I have absolutely no legitimate reason to be.  As you can see, my “dog” isn’t real, and therefore he didn’t actually run away.  Nor did his namesake. We should be happy for Chris Bassitt, who is departing the Mets for a three-year free agency deal with the Toronto Blue … Read more

The Steinbrenner Family Makes A 360

For half a century, the words Yankees and Steinbrenner have been synonymous.  When patriach George, a Cleveland shipping magnate whose only previous pro sports experience was a short-lived failed venture with the hometown Pipers of the American Basketball League, led a group that rescued the fabled franchise from the corporate largesse of CBS, it began … Read more