My, Oh My

Edgar Martinez, meet Cal Raleigh. The Seattle Mariners’ young catcher secured his place in that team’s history with a dramatic two-out pinch-hit home run that sailed into the misty T-Mobile Park night to secure a 2-1 win over Texas and, more significantly, their first post-season appearance since 2001.  And in doing so broke the current … Read more

Now, The Real Chase Is On

The build-up over the past week since Aaron Judge hit his 60th home run has been nothing short of epic.  As he pursued homer #61, still regarded by baseball purists as the de facto all-time single season record despite the fact that it was eclipsed in the steroid era by three other players on four … Read more

And Now, It’s A One Week Season.

If the title of this entry seems a bit redundant, you’re not mistaken.  Exactly three weeks ago, we led off this space with the words “It’s A 26-Game Season.  Damn It.”.  At that time, the New York Mets and Atlanta Braves were in a flat-footed tie for first place in the National League East,.  And … Read more

Pros To The Core

Through a quirk of fate, last night if you were a passionate baseball fan desiring to see potential history, you were forced to find your way to a screen that could receive Apple TV+, which happened to have exclusive rights to two games where each featured a prominent slugger looking to make a permanent stamp … Read more

Someone Else Finally Did That

Ten days short of 95 years ago, in a baseball stadium abutting River Avenue in the Bronx, New York, in the 154th game of their eventual World Championship season, Babe Ruth strode to the plate in the bottom half of what turned out to be their final at bat against Tom Zachary of the Washington … Read more

Aces High

Traffic is gonna come to a halt on the Las Vegas Strip during rush hour tonight, and for a change it will have nothing to do with a bachelor party gone bad. But there will be a lot of good-looking women with bling, only these are being honored by the entire city.  The Las Vegas … Read more

Cleveland Rocks!

I grew up in an era where Cleveland was a punch line, an era punctuated by the Lake Erie it borders on somehow being filled with enough debris to actually catch fire, all the more underscored when its martyred ex-mayor Carl Stokes eventually became a local news anchor in New York.  New York in the … Read more

It’s A 26-Game Season. Damn It.

I’ve joined a couple of Facebook fan groups that support my true number one fanboy passion team, the New York Mets.  I tend to react with both laughter and consternation at people who use these forums to vent their displeasure at virtually every single negative result, be it giving up a home run or being … Read more

Fantasy Sometimes Needs A Reality Check

I’ve been playing fantasy football for decades, so this time of year has been filled with downloads, spreadsheets and, these days, plenty of podcasts offering tiers, sleepers and strategies for how to win.  I’m among tens of millions who play, and considering for many younger players fantasy sports serves as a gateway drug for the … Read more