Nole Contendre

And you thought the reality TV seasons were winding down? Au contraire.  Because yesterday, ESPN, via its stooges known as the college football selection committee, announced its casting for what will thankfully be the final four-team College Football playoff. Michigan–and don’t anyone out there even THINK of putting an asterisk anywhere NEAR their name–is number … Read more

LAFC? MIA. And, No, I Don’t Mean The City

There’s actually a significant post-season football game taking place in Los Angeles this fall, despite the fact that at this moment the Rams and Chargers are both sub-.500 teams, likely not even to get a home playoff game even if they somehow make the last third of their season count, and, sorry, for either of … Read more

Call Them Deacon Blues

Sorry, B10 fans, both the Victors/Victims triumphant and the consternated and agitated Buckeye faithful.  Because for as exciting as your more playoff-relevant game may have been yesterday, it may have been the Game of the Century, but it arguably wasn’t even the Game of the Day. Because what happened at Auburn’s Jordan-Hare Stadium was positively … Read more

Bleak Friday?

This was supposed to have been a seminal event for the National Football League.  For the first time in its history, it was making a land grab for yet another opportunistic day and time to galvanize a national audience for a game.  Despite the fact that it has played on Thanksgiving Day since the 1930s … Read more

Saturday Night Drive

It turned out to be a fairly great night on the Las Vegas Strip for the growing global cult that adores Formula 1 racing.   For only the third time in its storied history, a championship event was staged on American soil (well, blacktop) and it produced a storyline that was more than apropos for a … Read more