Fever Or Frenzy?

For as suspect as I typically am about the legitimacy of TV ratings, there is no way on G-d’s green Earth I will concede that the measurement of viewership tonight in the Indianapolis DMA will be accurate.  It is simply too big a night for pro basketball fans to not find some way to be … Read more

No Big Whoop

Yesterday afternoon, in the teeth of what is becoming an increasingly competitive and unpredictable NBA playoff conference semifinals, the league gave those that had gone fishing a month ago a chance to get back into the limelight via their annual morphing into a 70s game show set, aka the NBA Draft Lottery. For the first … Read more

Super ‘Novas> ‘Cap n’ Clyde?

Things looked a little dark for the Knicks last night during Game 2 of their Eastern Conference semifinal series with the Indiana Pacers.  Particularly during the second quarter, just after the guy that had scored 40 points in four consecutive playoff games departed and sent the sellout Madison Square Garden crowd into a panic attack … Read more

Maple Leaf Drag

On this side of the “safe” border, it’s a day for drinking out of celebration.    On the other side, there’s far ore drinking for despondency going on today.  Especially if you’re a fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs. With the possible exception of a day above 10 degrees Celsius in winter, few Torontoians have … Read more

Good Night, LA

It all started with such promise a couple of weeks back.  For only the fourth time in the quarter-century existence of the downtown Los Angeles arena once known as the Staples Center and now inexplicably still with a name that salutes the dying art of cryptocurrency, all three of its mainstream professional sports tenants were … Read more

My Kingdom For A Hunch

Yes, I know this is probably going to be the one day in a year where this space is turned over to horse racing.  In my case, that’s actually a strike against me, since I was raised to appreciate the finer aspects of the sport of kings, or at least know my way around a … Read more