It Might Take Divine Intervention To Solve This One

Entering this morning’s series finale with the Miami Marlins, the San Diego Padres sit in fourth place in the National League West, 8 games behind the division-leading Dodgers and 7.5 games behind the second-place Arizona Diamondbacks.  Those two teams just happen to control larger media markets immediately to San Diego’s north and east, all the … Read more

To Really Enjoy The French, Be British

I can barely hold a tennis racquet correctly, but I truly do love the sport, particularly as a backdrop during working hours.  These days, that’s a loose definition, but I digress. For many years, long before ESPN got rights and before The Tennis Channel was born, a nascent HBO picked up U.S. rights to BBC … Read more

Will A Fever Pitch Conquer The Heat?

I’m hardly a Red Sox fan, but I do love underdogs, and I adore Drew Barrymore.  So for me the movie FEVER PITCH, which retells a love story of both team and life partner originally produced in England about Nick Hornby’s love for his football team with the American filter of the Sox’s improbable 2004 … Read more