Can The Joker Be The King?

As this is being written, both history and retribution are being served on the iconic Centre Court at Wimbledon. As CNN’s Sam Joseph reported in his preview: It is the rematch that tennis fans have been waiting for. Carlos Alcaraz is looking to defend his Wimbledon men’s singles title on Sunday when he takes on seven-time champion Novak Djokovic. … Read more

The Best Worst Team In The World?

Being of British descent, I’ve been invested in what has transpired over the last several weeks at Euro 2024,  Tomorrow afternoon (evening in Berlin), the Three Lions will try once more for a significant international tournament championship.  THE SUN’S Gary Stonehouse summed up what went down earlier this week to set that up in a … Read more

One Buwwet Weft?!?!

NOTE:  This musing also appears today on our sister site,  Please visit it daily for insights and observations on media, politics and life.  We’ve spent a lot of time chiding and second-guessing the reign of error that has largely defined David Zaslav’s tenure running Warner Brothers Discovery.  The trajectory was largely defined early on … Read more

Who Are These People!!?!?!

You know the old adage “you can’t tell the players without a scorecard”?  Well, when it comes to this year’s MLB All-Star Game, that appears to be even a truer one than ever. As CBS SPORTS’ reported yesterday afternoon: As it stands, this particular All-Star Game will be full of first-time pitchers — 17 in … Read more

Debunking At Least One Myth

On an extremely quiet and uncomfortably lonely July 4th, where every MLB team that at least I remotely care about lost save for the Mariners (sorry to offend, any Cubs diehards out there, but let’s face it, even the best of you are losing hope), I turned to my second favorite passion–research–to at least try … Read more

TNT? More Like A Sparkler

We’re about to celebrate the Fourth of July, the NBA draft has come and gone and the free agency period is in high gear.  Still, no OFFICIAL word on where its television contracts will be going a year from now.  One can only imagine how busy Yosemite Zas and his legal eagles at TNT Sports, … Read more