The Silence Of The Rams

I admit it, I got swept up in the fever that gripped Southern California last year as the Los Angeles Rams, in just their sixth season back from their two-decade detour to St. Louis, won the Super Bowl and only their second NFL title since the 1950s.  I went to both the season opener, the … Read more

My, Oh My

Edgar Martinez, meet Cal Raleigh. The Seattle Mariners’ young catcher secured his place in that team’s history with a dramatic two-out pinch-hit home run that sailed into the misty T-Mobile Park night to secure a 2-1 win over Texas and, more significantly, their first post-season appearance since 2001.  And in doing so broke the current … Read more

It’s NBA Kamiakusen

And to those of you who like me don’t speak a lick of Japanese, that translates to Opening Night. As this is being written, it is indeed dark out, but it’s pre-dawn in Los Angeles, where a live NBA game is airing on NBA TV, and where for the first time in three years the … Read more

Now, The Real Chase Is On

The build-up over the past week since Aaron Judge hit his 60th home run has been nothing short of epic.  As he pursued homer #61, still regarded by baseball purists as the de facto all-time single season record despite the fact that it was eclipsed in the steroid era by three other players on four … Read more

And Now, It’s A One Week Season.

If the title of this entry seems a bit redundant, you’re not mistaken.  Exactly three weeks ago, we led off this space with the words “It’s A 26-Game Season.  Damn It.”.  At that time, the New York Mets and Atlanta Braves were in a flat-footed tie for first place in the National League East,.  And … Read more

More Than Ever, A Coin Flip League

Three weeks into the 2022 NFL season, the league and media executives who crave parity are perhaps the biggest winners of the season so far.  For almost everyone else, there’s a mix of success and underachievement that has the league clustered in a way rarely seen. As of this morning, there are only three teams … Read more


As my actual alma mater never has has a football team, I assign my passions and loyalties based upon how schools have affected me beyond being an alum.  In the case of the University of Miami, my love of them is dually inspired by two wonderful recent years I had teaching upper level undergrads spending … Read more