The Definition Of Insanity

I may have been lately accused of some behavior that some consider insane, if, of course, you are someone who believes making a living leaving one’s house despite a virus some see as eternally lethal qualifies as such, But, no matter what, I will never be more of a poster child for insanity than Jets’ … Read more

At Long Last, An American Male Has A Shot

When I briefly worked for The Tennis Channel, I learned that, all else being equal, men’s tennis tended to be more popular than women’s matches, and the success of American men all the more ideal.  The year before I worked there, 2009, was the last time an American male (Andy Roddick) reached the semifinals of … Read more

They Own LA

Whenever the Clippers and Lakers play each other, it’s a unique event.  They call this rivalry the Hallway Series because they currently share the Arena, as they have since it was built at the end of the previous century, and there is literally a hallway separating their posh locker rooms.  This happened to be … Read more

King Of The Jungles

You thought it was a lion that ruled the animal kingdom?  Not when it comes to the NFL. And when it comes to the star of the best-in-class among those named for the species, specifically Joe Burrow of the Cincinnati Bengals, there’s precedence.  Given that Burrow won the 2020 national championship and Heisman Trophy with … Read more

Who’s The Bully?

Ivan Provorov was up until this past week an obscure defenseman for the Philadelphia Flyers, in his seventh season with a team that’s only made the NHL playoffs twice in his career and, based upon their current last place standing in the Metropolitan Division, seem destined to miss out again.  A far cry from their … Read more