Megadeals Follow Lockouts

In 2020 the Winter Meetings were canceled due to COVID-19. Last year it was looking very possible that we’d see another shortened baseball season for the third time in less than 30 years. Before the 2021 season Fernando Tatis Jr. signed a fourteen year “Bobby Bonilla”-esc contract with the San Diego Padres, thanks to the … Read more

Was that really goodbye?

In Chicago players on many major teams have taken out full page ads or articles in local papers to say thank you to fans over the years. On October 3 Jason Heyward wrote a piece for The Players Tribune. I’ve read this piece many times over the last six weeks and it has given me … Read more

No Victor For You!

My two favorite teams the Bulls (6-10) and Lakers (4-10) are in nightmares nearly twenty percent of the way through the season. Yet both are not in the same nightmare. For the Bulls, they are in limbo with Lonzo Ball likely out for most, if not all, of the season thanks to the knee injury … Read more

Thirty Years In The Making

I did think Dusty Baker would manufacture a way to blow it again even as late as the 7th inning of Game 6 the fact is the Astros pitching staff was doing some very historic things under his watch this year. Thanks to the stellar pitching by his teammates Jose Altuve has his second ring … Read more

Never Give Up!

Last week the Colorado Rockies called up a journeyman. His name is Wynton Bernard. This guy never got the chance to make his Major League debut and had been tagged as a forever minor leaguer. He never quit and in this post lockout world we live in he finally got the call! If you are … Read more

No Longer Dreaming!

Back in 2020 the iconic baseball field in Dyersville, Iowa which is owned by former White Sox star Frank Thomas was set to host a game between the White Sox and Yankees before it was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. They ended up play a game there instead against Yankees during the 2021 season. … Read more

The Blockbuster Happened….

It did not involve either Cubs player the baseball-verse expected to see on the move though. Instead, it involved Juan Soto who last Wednesday many expected to stay put. Nope, he was traded to San Diego! Because of the overpriced kings ransom Jed was asking San Diego GM A. J. Preller decided to get serious … Read more