Never Give Up!

Last week the Colorado Rockies called up a journeyman. His name is Wynton Bernard. This guy never got the chance to make his Major League debut and had been tagged as a forever minor leaguer. He never quit and in this post lockout world we live in he finally got the call! If you are … Read more

No Longer Dreaming!

Back in 2020 the iconic baseball field in Dyersville, Iowa which is owned by former White Sox star Frank Thomas was set to host a game between the White Sox and Yankees before it was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. They ended up play a game there instead against Yankees during the 2021 season. … Read more

The Blockbuster Happened….

It did not involve either Cubs player the baseball-verse expected to see on the move though. Instead, it involved Juan Soto who last Wednesday many expected to stay put. Nope, he was traded to San Diego! Because of the overpriced kings ransom Jed was asking San Diego GM A. J. Preller decided to get serious … Read more

Will We See A Blockbuster At Deadline?

Over the last week or so there have been a number of rumors about various blockbuster deals that would send big name guys to play for new teams after the deadline today at 5pm Eastern. The Angels are shopping Shohei Ohtani, the Nationals are shopping Juan Soto, and of course the Cubs are shopping everyone … Read more

Pay The Men Already!!!!

Last year at this time the phone lines in Wrigley Field were busy trading away three-fourths of the 2016 core. Much the same thing seems to be going on this year. The question many sports reporters and fans are asking right now is if Ian Happ and Willson Contreras the Cubs two all stars have … Read more

How I Became A Baseball Fan

It began with a lemonade stand and a stereo. In my Fathers Day post I mentioned that my parents moved the family back to Chicago in the late 90’s after living in Mississippi for approximately three years. The first summer after we moved back to Chicago dad told me he wanted me to spend more … Read more

How I Became A Basketball Fan

Ten years ago I was just shy of six months from having lost my father on Father’s Day and for the first time in six months I was actually about to watch an entire basketball game or baseball game without thinking about my father even once. For me it all started when my parents took … Read more

Money Ball Train Wreck

All true sports fans remembers the Billy Beane story about how he used statistics since the late 90’s to run the Oakland A’s in an economic way. I’ve been thinking about this, as it relates to the Cubs, a lot since the offseason after the 2018 season. My opinions have changed the more I’ve thought … Read more

Writing On The Ivy?!!?!!!!!

When there is an arbitrator involved is a sports related situation players usually understand that they are on their way out, especially in their last year before they hit free agency or retirement. However, there are some recent situations in baseball that really got me thinking about what it means to have a panel of … Read more

Has the New Bryzzo Appeared?

Any true Cubs fan was expecting Bryzzo to at the very least be broken up last season with the Rizzo half staying in Chicago for many years to come! Of course on trade deadline day that changed in a jiffy with three-fifths of the 2016 infield being traded within just a few hours of each … Read more