Is Willson The Goat?

Cards fans have been calling for the heads of management all season. Let the rumors begin!¬†Willson Contrares was moved to full time DH before his first appearance as a St. Louis Cardinal at Wrigley. Many Chicago Cubs fans believe that Oli Marmol did this to mute the conversation about Willson’s bad pitch framing skills. However, … Read more

They Are On The Clock

As I write this the NFL Draft was happening and I’m not into football beyond being a band wagon jumper when the Chicago Bears are playing well. For the first time in my life they got the #1 pick this year and for all intense and purposes instantly traded down. Opening the door for me … Read more

The Story Of Two

In the Chicago sports world the basketball season ended on Friday night. Were the Bulls in the playoffs, technically no… but the did play 84 games. In my eyes the last two were playoff games. Personally, I never liked the wild card game in baseball. The play-in tournament is very similar and I do not … Read more